Nature's Art Photography by SMBrunner

"Focusing on the Ordinary ....To Capture the Extraordinary"
S.M. Brunner

Nature’s Art was born in my mind many years ago as I traversed the woods of Pennsylvania. As a self-taught artist using photography as my primary medium, I found the perfect way to capture the essence of the moment in the natural beauty that surrounds us. Through my photographs I am able to share my experiences in nature with you.
Everything we see in nature is a work of art - the challenge is finding the extraordinary in what we deem to be ordinary. Through diligence I have found that the natural world provides art in a limitless supply.

The photographs I take are natural, utilizing both film and digital formats.

I hope that you view my photographs as I do - an art that, unretouched, gives us a glimpse of all that Nature has to offer.

"Seek, experience, and enjoy your passions in life that help to define who you are."

S. M. Brunner
Dogwood Tree

Dogwood Tree

Nature's Art Show's

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